SHPN and CV-WELL: Member FAQs

What drove SCAN's expansion into two separate DPGs?

  • The science, practice and application of all three of SCAN’s specific practice areas have seen impressive growth and advancement since SCAN’s inception. Over the past 20 years, the practice of sports nutrition has emerged as an advanced specialized field of study, with a CDR-sponsored board-certified credential, rapidly growing job market and an expanding field of research.
  • Similarly, nutrition related to cardiovascular health management has seen tremendous growth in areas such as reimbursement, cardiac rehabilitation and preventive cardiology services. Further, the definition and scope of wellness and well-being has continued to evolve since workplace wellness programs came on the scene in the 1970s.
  • Resources and content must be comprehensive and advanced to be informative and valuable to specialty experts, yet still be broad and reiterate fundamentals to appeal to all DPG members. Separating into two distinct groups allows for greater resource development.
  • Multiple focus areas concerning CPE/webinar/content schedules will now be more streamlined, and designed within the distinct specialty areas of the groups, resulting in more opportunities for innovative education and effective networking.
  • In the past, the SCAN Symposium alternated its focus yearly between subgroups. Moving forward, educational efforts can simultaneously cover cutting-edge niche topics in their respective practice areas with opportunities for members and sponsors can participate in a more focused manner.
  • There is an increased need for focus on standards of practice, career development and achievement of advanced practice. This is better accomplished when a DPG’s time, energy and resources are also focused, rather than split multiple ways.
  • As with many areas of food and nutrition practice, there is certainly crossover between CV/well-being and sports nutrition/human performance. However, as practitioners advance in their specialties, their need for more in-depth information and niche detail increases.

How will the new DPGs meet the needs of members?

  • These dietetic practice groups will offer exciting opportunities for members to further hone their expertise through in-depth, tailored CPE and resources; networking; training; advocacy; and the support of industry-leading research and practice.
  • The Sports and Human Performance Nutrition DPG will be a network of nutrition practitioners working with athletes and people at all levels to optimize human performance and holistic health for a lifetime. The DPG will leverage the integration of nutrition, exercise science, and technology to set industry standards, provide continuing education, and prepare the next generation of cutting edge professionals. The Cardiovascular Health and Well-being DPG will equip members to be the experts promoting the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease through nutrition, well-being and physical activity. This DPG will provide in-depth content in cardiovascular nutrition and well-being so members can optimize their work in diverse health arenas such as clinical settings, corporate well-being, community nutrition, private practice, research, education, and government.


Chair Group discussions re-emerge on management and advancement challenges concerning a widening scope of expertise and rapidly evolving RDN market space(s).


January: Executive Committee Retreat with third party strategic planning facilitation focused on future pathways for SCAN success; Executive Committee motion and vote to recommend a move forward as two DPGs and draft Academy Board of Directors proposal with member feedback data to support

February: Transition team named to manage process

April-June: Member feedback survey deployed, collected and assessed

July-Aug: Proposal drafted

September: SCAN Executive Committee proposal review

October: Proposal presented by SCAN Chairs to Academy Board of Directors

November: Proposal approved by Academy Board of Directors

When was this decision made?

  • Recognizing the exciting growth of these specialties and the challenges to meet the increasingly divergent needs of experts, SCAN’s Executive Committee began exploring innovations in late 2018. After extensive discussions with stakeholders and analyzing input from member assessment surveys, SCAN proposed the formation of two new DPGs. The proposal was approved by the Academy’s Board of Directors in November 2020.

When can I join the new DPGs?

  • The two new PDGs are now accepting inaugural membership for the 2021-2022 membership year.
  • SHPN and CV-Well will be active beginning June 1, 2021. 
  • Now through June 15, 2021 ONLY: Academy members who renew their SCAN membership, or who join either SHPN or CV-Well, will enjoy the benefits of both groups for the price of one for the 2021-2022 membership year!
    • Existing SCAN members: Select to renew your SCAN membership by June 15th to automatically receive both SHPN and CV-Well memberships for the 2021-2022 membership year!
    • New Members: Join either SHPN or CV-Well by June 15th to automatically receive both SHPN and CV-Well memberships for the 2021-2022 membership year!
    • After June 15, 2021: individual DPG rates will apply to join either SHPN or CV-Well.  

What will the new DPGs offer?

  • Additional details and information will be available soon to answer questions and further explain the member benefits for each group. Both DPGs will offer all the things you already love about SCAN: in-depth and advanced-practice webinars and CPE activities, dedicated websites and online communities, opportunities to network with other experts and more.
  • For the 2021-2022 membership year, members of SCAN’s Executive Committee will serve as founding leaders of the new DPGs, after which leadership positions will be established for nomination and elections by members.

After June, will I still have access to the resources SCAN previously offered?

  • The webinars and fact sheets that were created by SCAN will remain available through the new DPGs.
  • Resources that clearly fall in a particular area of specialization will be housed in the new DPG’s website.
  • Resources that cross between areas (for example, past issues of the Pulse) will be available to members of both DPGs.

What are the new URLs?

What should I do if I still have questions?

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