Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition - A dietetic practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Volunteer Opportunities

Looking to Volunteer?

Volunteering provides opportunities to network with SCAN members and helps SCAN progress and prosper. Volunteers are needed for small and large projects.

In order to match your interests with a position, we need to learn more about you. Please review the following information on areas for which we may be seeking volunteer help.

General Volunteer Opportunities

  • Education – Webinars, podcasts, continuing education for SCAN programs
  • Website – SCAN resources and website update, Student Corner, writing, editing
  • Membership - mentoring program, volunteer coordination, communications
  • Partnerships - assisting with SCAN’s partnership efforts
  • Communications - marketing, public relations, editing, writing
  • Publications - writing, editing, managing for SCAN’S PULSE, subunit newsletters, or Fact Sheets
  • Symposium - planning & organizing committee, on-site assistance

Current Opportunities

Education Coordinator

Synthesize and integrate SCAN educational initiatives into cohesive “learning paths” that will enable SCAN members to navigate resources and facilitate efforts of communications volunteers to effectively promote educational offerings. This Coordinator is a collaborative role, working with Subunit, Pulse, and Symposium leaders as they establish priorities, providing regular communication with the volunteers in member services, communications, and events-planning, and with SCAN office staff. A candidate for this position should be an active member of SCAN for three+ years, have successfully completed one or more prior SCAN or Academy volunteer positions, be a self-starter, have excellent communication skills, have the ability to collaborate with a revolving and diverse pool of volunteers using multiple modes of communication, be a self-starter, and have continuing education development and/or evaluation experience.


Volunteer Form

CLICK HERE to fill out the SCAN volunteer form in order to start volunteering for SCAN.

Evaluation Forms

Evaluations will remain confidential; only shared with the SCAN office, SCAN Chair, and Director of Volunteer Coordination.

Click the links below to download the appropriate evaluation forms:

Volunteers and Project Leads, use the following upload function to submit your evaluation forms.  Please rename forms using the following format:

"Volunteer Evaluation_[Volunteer Name]_[Project Lead Name]_[Your Initials]"

Once you have completed your evaluation forms, click the "Upload" button below in order to submit them to the SCAN office.  Once your forms have been successfully uploaded, you will receive a message stating "Your evaluation was uploaded successfully!"