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No Kitchen? No Problem! Planning and Preparing Foods for Outdoor Adventures

Friday, May 4th
11:55 AM - 3:30 PM

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Workshop Abstract: 

Practicing good nutrition habits while undertaking extended outdoor adventures is a challenging task. Foods need to be portable, lightweight, require minimal work for preparation, and maintain safety at the temperatures to be encountered. Unfortunately, these criteria exclude many of the foods commonly recommended for health, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. This hands-on workshop will provide participants with the tools needed to support positive food choices during extended outdoor adventures. We will discuss appropriate techniques and equipment for safe meal preparation. Participants will get the opportunity to prepare their own lunch using lightweight and portable foods and cooking stoves. In addition, participants will learn safe and effective practices for home food dehydration - a valuable method for creating healthy and lightweight foods. We will discuss strategies for ensuring food and nutrient variety, avoiding unwanted weight loss, and organizing foods for extended adventures. Participants will take home recipes and resources and a new set of skills that will extend the capacity of their dietetics practice.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify strategies for maintaining a healthful diet during extended outdoor adventures.
  2. Describe different techniques for meal preparation outdoors.
  3. Demonstrate safe methods for home food dehydration.



Aaron Ownes Mayhew, MS, RDN, CD
Ketnz Willis, MS
Ingrid Skoog, MS, RD, CSSD