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The Mighty Concord and the Power of Purple

An Evidence-Based Webinar FREE to members February, 15 2017 – March 15, 2017. Must be logged into SCAN account to receive discounted member rate.


Session Abstract:

Purple and blue fruits and vegetables contain unique polyphenols which give them their distinct color while also providing certain health benefits. Yet, only 3% of all produce eaten comes from the purple/blue group. One purple fruit that has been studied for nearly two decades for its heart-health benefits is the Concord grape. This bitty berry is one of the few fruits that is hard to find fresh. In fact, drinking it as 100% grape juice may help people reap *more* of the polyphenol potential than if they ate the raw grape. February is American Heart Month and is the perfect time to learn more about the mighty Concord grape and its heart-health benefits.

Learning Objectives:

1.  Describe the Concord grape and what makes it unique

2. Cite research on the heart-health benefits of 100% grape juice made with Concord grapes

3.  Teach consumers how to identify 100% grape juice and about the role it can play as part of an overall healthy diet

Mario Ferruzzi, PhD is a professor of translational nutrition at North Carolina State University. Dr Ferruzzi’s main research area is phytochemical and botanical chemistry with emphasis on investigating the impact of food formulation and processing on the bioavailability of food pigments and flavonoids.   Active research includes: Development of methodologies for determination of phytochemicals in food and biological matrices; Application of in vitro digestion, intestinal cell culture models and in vivo models to investigate the impact of food formulation and processing on phytochemical absorption and metabolism; and Development of strategies for incorporation and stabilization of phytochemicals in food systems.  Prior to NC State, Dr. Ferruzzi spent 12 years at Purdue Univeristy in the departments of food science and foods and nutrition. Dr. Ferruzzi has industrial experience in product research and development, formulation, processing, evaluation, and commercialization of novel functional foods and beverages. 

Marie Spano, MS, RD, CSSD is a nutrition communications expert and one of the country’s leading sports nutritionists. Marie has appeared on CNN, NBC, ABC, Fox and CBS affiliates and she has authored hundreds of magazine and trade publication articles, written book chapters, marketing materials and web copy on a variety of topics ranging from novel food ingredients to optimal sports performance recovery foods. She is the author of two chapters in the National Sports Conditioning Association’s (NSCA) Essentials of Strength and Conditioning and one chapter in NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training; she is the co-editor of the NSCA’s Guide to Exercise and Sport Nutrition and is currently working with Human Kinetics on an upcoming textbook on sports nutrition. Marie has also served as a spokesperson for numerous clients and is a nationally recognized speaker. She is the sports nutritionist for the Atlanta Hawks and Chip Smith Performance Systems. Her specialties include sports nutrition, spokesperson work, speaking, writing (white papers, press releases, marketing materials, popular press and trade publication articles) and product development.