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Low Calorie Sweeteners and Healthy Lifestyle: Do They Fit Together?

An Evidence-Based Webinar from the SCAN 2016 Symposium. FREE to members November 14, 2016 – December 13, 2016 Must be logged into SCAN account to receive discounted member rate.



The recently released 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans have recommended a reduction in the intake of added sugars to less than 10 percent of total daily calories. They also noted that based on the available scientific evidence, the FDA approved low calorie sweeteners (LCS) have been determined to be safe for the general population.  Many health professionals and consumers continue to have questions regarding LCS safety and usefulness in weight management, often fueled by headlines from poorly designed and controversial studies.  A careful examination of study design and published scientific data will be presented to help attendees assess the validity of allegations pertaining to LCS.  Topics will include:  weight gain, increased appetite, sweet cravings and alterations of the gut microbiome. The regulatory approach to the determination of the Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) of nonnutritive sweeteners and how the ADI compares to typical intakes will be explained. Furthering understanding of the science of LCS is critical to increase confidence in the safety and benefits of use LCS as alternatives to caloric sweeteners. 


1.      Identify and examine recent controversies with LCS using the research evidence.

2.      Understand the science regarding the impact of LCS on hunger, appetite, and diet quality.

3.      Describe key features of the safety evaluation process for determining the ADI for a nonnutritive sweetener.


Berna Magnuson

Berna Magnuson is a food toxicologist, internationally recognized for her extensive knowledge on the safety and regulation of food ingredients, including low- and no-calorie sweeteners.  Berna is President of BMagnuson Consulting and provides expertise in the area of safety and government regulation of foods, food ingredients, dietary supplements and food contaminants. Berna works with international government agencies, various health associations, food and consumer associations, and food ingredient manufacturers to address food safety issues.  She is also a part-time Associate Professor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto.  

Berna has been recognized as a Fellow of the Academy of Toxicological Sciences and has published more than 50 peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and professional articles, and has presented hundreds of presentations at conferences and webinars. She is on the editorial board of several journals, and is an active member of various professional associations.