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Healthy Snacking for Smoking Cessation

Healthy snack recommendations for clients who are trying to quit smoking without weight gain


An Evidence-Based resource from the Wellness and Cardiovascular Health subunit of SCAN.

On average, smokers gain 4–10 pounds when they quit. People often replace their smoking rituals with snacking because of the oral gratification and the returned sensitivity of taste and smell.  What's the best way to fight cravings?  This fact sheet offers tips and snacking suggestions.

Length: 1 page, single-sided

Intended Audience: Patients/Clients, Public

Key Words: Smoking Cessation, Snacking, Weight Management

Written by SCAN registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) to provide nutrition guidance. The key to optimal meal planning is individualization. Contact a SCAN RDN for personalized nutrition plans. Access “Find a SCAN RDN” at or by phone at 800.249.2875.

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