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Planting the Seeds for a Paradigm Shift: Making More Plant-Based Diets Possible for All

An Evidence-Based Webinar from Monsanto.


Learning Objectives:  After completion of this presentation, audience members will be able to:

  1. Evaluate how consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole grains has changed in the 80 years they have been part of dietary guidance
  2. Describe ways seed breeders can enhance crop features to make fruits, vegetables and whole grains more appealing to consumers
  3. Identify the potential benefits and problems associated with the use of biotechnology in food production
  4. Develop communication strategies to address consumer concerns about the safety and labeling of GMO crops
  5. Advocate for multiple food production options that allow the public to have food choices that satisfy their cultural, culinary and nutritional preferences at prices that are fair for consumers and farmers alike


Plant-based diets have been found effective in reducing risks for most non-communicable chronic diseases and providing essential nutrients. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains have been included in dietary guidance for over 80 years, yet Americans still do not eat the recommended daily servings of these foods. Barriers for consumers include taste, cost, spoilage, and more recently, confusion over genetically modified, conventional and organically grown plants. Dietitians can help address these issues by advocating for innovative and sustainable agricultural practices that allow farmers to produce crops that meet the diverse cultural, culinary and nutritional needs of the public at a cost that is fair to producers and consumers alike while keeping up with the demands of a growing population. This webinar will cover consumer and food service interventions.

Speaker Bio(s):

Robyn Flipse, MS, MA, RDN

Robyn Flipse is a registered dietitian nutritionist and cultural anthropologist interested in the societal forces that continually shape our eating behavior. Her 30 year career includes maintaining a nutrition counseling practice, teaching college level food and nutrition courses, and authoring 2 popular diet books, The Wedding Dress Diet and Fighting the Freshman Fifteen, plus numerous articles and blogs. She is now a media spokesperson and consultant to food and beverage companies where her expertise on alternative sweeteners in weight management, plant proteins in Dietary Guidelines and biotechnology in the food supply are in demand. Her passion is communicating practical nutrition information that empowers people to make the best food choices they can in their everyday lives.


1 Units, Level II

Expires 12/02/2017

Suggested Learning Needs Codes:

2090, 5160, 4060

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