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The Heart of the Matter: Grapes & Cardiovascular Health

Approved for CPE until October 31, 2013. Grapes contain no sodium and over 1,600 natural compounds beneficial to health! Join SCAN viewing a webinar highlighting not only current research regarding the cardiovascular benefits of grapes, but also lots of practical tips for the clinician, including recipes. In this webinar Dr. Fernandez traces key animal and human studies observing how grapes positively mediate cardiovascular health, improve endothelial function, reduce LDL oxidation, impact nitric oxide production and influence inflammation. Subsequent to the comprehensive research overview, Courtney offers at least 10 recipes including roasted grapes, spicy carrot slaw with grapes, sweet potato, grape and kale salad- to mention just a few.


Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand the nutritional profile of grapes;
  2. Learn the key mechanisms of action of grapes on cardiovascular health including both anti-oxidant and non anti-oxidant functions;
  3. Recognize the existing animal and human data regarding the role of grape consumption on endothelial function, oxidative stress, inflammation, LDL oxidation and blood lipid profile.

CPE: 1 unit, level II, Recommended learning code: 5160

Speaker:  Maria-Luz Fernandez, PhD

Dr. Maria-Luz Fernandez’ research focuses on the evaluation of diets and other lifestyle factors including exercise and weight loss on heart disease risk and diabetes prevention in individuals across the age spectrum. Measurements assessed include the dietary effects on dyslipidemias, inflammation and oxidative stress.