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From Anti-oxidants to New Functional Benefits: Tea Flavinoids

Dr. Lenore Arab, Professor, UCLA School of Medicine. Approved for CPE until September 1, 2013. 1 hour, level 2, learning codes: 2010, 2100, 4040 ACSM, (American Academy of Sports Medicine): 1 hour continuing education



From Antioxidants to New Functional Benefits: Tea Flavinoids is a one-hour e-learning session providing an in depth examination of the mechanisms of action for the cardio-vascular health properties of tea flavinoids, particularly beyond their previously proposed anti-oxidant activity. It is important to the practicing health professional to understand the mechanisms of tea’s health benefits because it is well established that dietary flavinoid intake is inversely associated with chronic disease. In the US, using NHANES data, it has been determined that tea is the major dietary source of dietary flavinoids, specifically flavonols and flavan-3-ols. Dr. Arab not only provides an excellent understanding of tea’s role in cardiovascular health, specifically coronary heart disease, but also shows the role of beverage choice in influencing cardiovascular health.