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Feet, Forks & Fate of Our Families

This webinar and accompanying slides (which may be printed) will help you to turn knowledge into power and get to the prize (less chronic disease) through the cultivation of will, the paving of way, and the embrace of fundamental truths that rise above the din of competing claims and hucksterism. CPEU available until February 1, 2013.



David L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP

Director, Prevention Research Center
Yale University School of Medicine

President, Turn the Tide Foundation, Inc.
Chief Science Officer, NuVal LLC

Editor-in-Chief, Childhood Obesity


  • Quantify the impact of lifestyle behaviors on the prevalence of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and cancer
  • Describe the epigenetic influences of diet with reference to research data
  • Quantify the potential reductions in chronic disease rates achievable by lifestyle means


1 unit, Level 1 available until February 1, 2013

Suggested learning codes 4030; 4040; 6010