A subscription to PULSE, the professional quarterly publication of SCAN, is an automatic benefit for members.

The PULSE is published four times a year: Winter (January 10), Spring (April 1), Summer (July 1) and Fall (October 1).

SCAN Connection Newsletter

In order to provide you with a broader view of SCAN practice areas, we've integrated our former subunit-specific newsletters into the SCAN Connection Newsletter. Compiled in coordination with content and editing teams from each subunit, Connection brings together current trends and research as well as SCAN updates all in one place.

The Beat Student Newsletter

SCAN student members are on "the beat" to bring a fresh collection of ideas and insights to the Student Corner. Each edition spotlights an outstanding Registered Dietitian, graduate program, and dietetic internship. Also, find events, learn how to get involved with SCAN, and keep tabs on what's new in nutrition.

Sports Performance Score Newsletter

Sports Performance Score is the Sports Performance subunit newsletter. It is automatically sent to the email address you have on file with SCAN. All Sports Performance Score issues are archived below.