3-2-1 & done FAQ

How often will there be a new “webbie”?

“Webbies” will be released every three weeks in a rotating order by the Sports Performance, Cardiovascular Health and the Wellness & Wellbeing subunit. Hot topics will be released on demand. Member services will offer “webbie”s on new and evolving member benefits.


What will the topics be?

The topics will run the gamut of subject matter that our members request. As a rule, the “webbies” should be of interest to everyone. Let’s face it. We all need to know how to motivate a client to engage in healthy behavior be they an elite athlete, a cardiac rehab patient or someone who just wants to live a healthier lifestyle. So, we encourage to watch all of them. You never know what you might learn.


How can I learn anything in 3 minutes?

Well, we believe that you can. Of course, 3 minutes is not enough to tell you everything you need to know about a given topic. For example, there is a lot more to calculating a sweat rate or teaching a new coaching skill or reviewing the latest on LDL cholesterol guidelines. But we can cover enough in three minutes to give you some background and get you started.

While each webbie is designed to stand alone the end of each “webbie” provides additional resources for that topic. That may be a point of contact and email address. It could be a website, or perhaps a full-length webinar.


How do I know if I want to watch one?

There will be a two- or three-line synopsis with each “webbie” that you can read before watching. And FYI…the “webbies” are color coded so you know which subunit produced it. Sports is Blue, Cardiovascular is a deep red, Wellness is green and member services is brown. The color does NOT tell you that the info specifically applies to that subunit. Hey…they are only three minutes. You never know what new skill you may pick up. Watch them all!


Is there a cost?

NO! All “webbies” are free…and ONLY available to SCAN members.


Will I get CEU’s?

In the future we hope to provide CEU’s, but currently no CEU’s are available.


Can I make requests or suggestions for a webbie?

Yes, we welcome it. We want to give members what they want. See the end of these FAQ’s to know how to contact us


Can I be the author for a “webbie”?

Well of course! It’s a great volunteer opportunity. You can always go online at https://www.scandpg.org/scan/about-us/volunteer-opportunities/volunteer-scan and complete the volunteer form. Or, see the end of these FAQ’s for other contact information.


Contact information:

To complete a volunteer form, please click here.

Or, feel free to contact any of SCAN executive committee below:

Sports Performance Linda Samuels linda.samuels312@gmail.com
Cardiovascular Health Geeta Sikand fsikand@gmail.com
Wellness & Wellbeing Mark Hoesten mshcg@yahoo.com
Member Services Michelle Rockwell michellerokwellrd@gmail.com
Education coordinator Kelly Pritchett Kelly.Pritchett@cwu.edu