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SCAN members have unique skills and professional experience that cover three distinct but related nutritional specialties. Sports Performance dietitian nutritionists specialize in working with high school and collegiate athletes, Olympians, and professional sports teams. Cardiovascular Health dietitian nutritionist work with patients in preventive cardiology and cardiovascular rehabilitation. Wellness and Well-being dietitian nutritionist work with patients on the many areas of wellness and wellbeing including weight management, and health and wellness coaching. Many have specialized training in their area(s) of interest, such as being a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE), Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) or Board Certified as a Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD).

As the true experts, SCAN members use their knowledge and expertise in a comprehensive approach and in a wide variety of settings every day. We encourage you to take advantage of the Job Posting Opportunities to help those seeking a new position or those looking for new candidates!

Seeking a new candidate?

If you are seeking a new candidate, take advantage of adding a job posting to the “SCAN Job Posting and Opportunities” folder below.  This area is accessible by all SCAN members and gives you exposure to top-notch candidates. Be sure to include contact information so interested candidates can contact you for more information.

Seeking a new job?

If you are seeking a new or first-time job opportunity you may browse the “SCAN Job Postings & Opportunities” folder.  If you see a job that would be a good fit for you, view the documentation posted and reach out to the hiring manager information included in the document.

If you don’t see a current job posted and are interesting in sharing information about your skills, expertise, resume and job history, click on the “job seekers” folders below to provide information about yourself. You may select with topic area is most relevant for you This is a great way for hiring manages to find you! Be sure to include contact information about yourself!


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