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A Healthy Baker's Dozen by the Doctor's Dietitian

Gluten-Free Low Sugar Cookies with Real Ingredients
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General Nutrition
Who doesn’t want a healthy cookie or treat that won’t break the health bank? A Healthy Baker’s Dozen by the Doctor’s Dietitian is where good nutrition meets the sweet tooth! A new spin on gluten-free baking, registered dietitian and baker Susan Dopart’s full-color ebook offers 12 healthy low-sugar treats plus a bonus dog cookie. Her recipes are based on gluten-free, non-GMO flours high in protein and fiber and low in starches. Each cookie packs more fiber and protein than a traditional cookie and has less carbs than a slice of bread! Whereas other recipes use substitutions for sugar or fat, Susan uses all real ingredients that don’t sacrifice taste. Having treated diabetes during her 20-year career as a dietitian, she created these recipes with diabetics in mind. Tested by multiple bakers and cookie connoisseurs – Susan’s recipes taste terrific while ticking all the right boxes for good health!
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