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No Nonsense Nutrition, LLC

Jamie Johnson, RD, LD
RD Services
Group and Individual Nutrition Counseling
Jamie utilizes the creativity that once earned her an invitation to the Kansas City Art Institute along with her diverse food and nutrition background to help others approach wellness from all angles. She provides individual nutrition consulting and counseling services for weight management and wellness centered on her belief in implementing small, simple steps for sustainable success, and works with endurance athletes. Jamie conveys evidence-based nutrition messages through her work as a writer with publications that so far include She KC and Living Wellness KC magazines, as well as an article about her personal experience with the Female Athlete Triad complex, which unveils her constant commitment to combating nutrition myths and misinformation in Master Pieces magazine. No Nonsense Nutrition also offers consulting services for recipe modification, testing, and analysis; menu development and analysis; small group community education classes on a variety of nutrition topics, and cooking demonstrations. Jamie has used her food science skills, dietetics education, brief culinary training, and experience in the foodservice industry as a sous chef while working with community nutrition programs, fitness centers, food service facilities, nutrition researchers, and schools to assist them with developing and analyzing menus and recipes; educating employees on food handling, safety, and sanitation procedures; teaching healthy eating habits and cooking techniques; and creating healthy cookbooks.
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No Nonsense Nutrition, LLC
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