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Food Guide for Soccer

Tips and Recipes From the Pros
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Without a doubt, enjoying the right foods at the right times can definitely improve your soccer performance! To help you fuel your body for high energy, strength and stamina, sports nutritionist Nancy Clark and author/soccer guru Gloria Averbuch of Women’s Professional Soccer have teamed up to write a handy guide that’s chock-full of tasty recipes. In their Food Guide for Soccer: Tips from the Pros (Meyer & Meyer Sport, 2010), Clark, Averbuch and members of Women’s Professional Soccer serve up generous portions of simple yet effective sports nutrition tips and tactics that tackle the food challenges that face busy soccer players. Whether you are— -at home -on the road -rushing to a training session -competing in a game -enduring extended tournaments, this Food Guide for Soccer can teach you how to choose the optimal balance of sports meals and snacks at the right times. You’ll learn what to eat before a game, information about sports drinks, gels and energy bars, how to get enough protein, tips for the best revoery foods—and much more! The book is well indexed, making it easy for you to use it as a reference book that answers the questions soccer players and their parents ask about fueling for top performance. Food Guide for Soccer is organized into five sections: 1. Day-to-day eating for energy 2. Carbs, Protein, Fats and Fluids—The Right Balance 3. Sports Nutrition—Eating to Win 4. Weight and Soccer 5. Sports recipes from players with Women’s Professional Soccer. With more than 70 healthy and delicious recipes, Food Guide for Soccer is an empowering and practical guide that is a must-have for all soccer players concerned with their health and soccer performance. Co-author Gloria Averbuch is an award-winning author of 12 previous books on sports, soccer, health and fitness, several of which have been translated into various languages. Averbuch is the Director of Public Relations/Marketing for Sky Blue FC, one of the seven founding franchises of Women’s Professional Soccer.
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