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Food Guide for New Runners

Getting It Right From the Start
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This "how to" food guide clearly and concisely answers the nutrition questions of novice runners: What should I eat before I run? What about sports drinks? How much protein should I be eating? How can I lose weight and have energy to exercise? Is it normal from runners to get dizzy at the end of a run? This book will answer those questions --- plus many others. Nancy Clark's Food Guide for New Runners is easy to read, offers practical tips, debunks nutrition myths, and is a handy resource for new runners who are eager to learn how to reach their goals with energy to spare. It is -- A nutrition guidebook with chapters to help you with day-to-day eating for high energy. A sports nutrition resource with chapters about how to fuel for strength and stamina. A food book filled with easy ideas for breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners. A source of inspiration to help you enjoy your new life as a runner.
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