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Sports Nutrition Powerpoint Presentation

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When you are asked to give a sports nutrition talk, don't panic. With Nancy's Sports Nutrition Presentation (includes a script), you'll be able to confidently present an effective talk on nutrition for exercise. You'll come out looking like a champ! In a question & answer format, the 75 images/slides address nutrition concerns common to active people. Topics include useful tips for the daily training diet as well as how to fuel for competitive events: Carbohydrates, carbo-loading Protein, amino acids Fluids, sports drinks Pre-exercise meals, quick energy Recovery foods Caffeine Vitamin supplements Weight reduction, weight gain. The target audience is high school and college athletes & coaches, and adult exercisers. Available as download or a shipped CD. The presentation takes about 1.5 hours, or can be easily divided into shorter modules.
Sports Nutrition Services LLC
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