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Diana Duncan

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Sports Dietetics – USA (SD-USA)

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Sports nutrition counseling, weight management assistance, Wellness presentations of all topics
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  • I have a 16 year old daughter who plays for a soccer team in Denver. She just had a couple surgies and has recently been cleared to play. Her team travels a lot and won the National Championships last year. 4 of her teammates have committed to colleges and she has a handful of colleges that she's weeding through. My point is the competition is high and she's working very hard to come back and regain her endurance and speed. She is taking some supplements but I would love to be able to sit down with someone and come up with a healthy nutrition plan that can help her. She's excited to get started. Is this something you would be able to help us with?  Please feel free to call me anytime! We don't live far from Loveland. Best Regards :) Tracy 970-381-3253

    Diana Duncan replied:

    Posted: 4/18/2013 10:44:48 AM

    Hi Tracy-

    How exciting that she is playing at such a high level! Its awesome that you guys already appreciate the power nutrition can play in a young athlete’s development and recovery!

    As a former soccer player I can fully appreciate how eating well can maximize your performance, I had the opportunity to play 4- years of Division 1 soccer and wish I would have figured out the importance of nutrition even sooner! :) So good for you for seeking out guidance on this!  

    What I typically like to do is meet with my athletes (and parents) 3-times for 30-45 minutes; the first session we use to get to know each other and gauge performance goals, the athletes nutritional strengths and weaknesses, and any direct questions I can look up or answer on the spot for you; the second session we go over your customized nutritional plan, and the 3rd we follow up and make adjustments as needed. Open communication between each of these appt. is encouraged as questions or problems arise.

    Cost: $150.00.  Includes a customized meal plan, three 1v1 meetings plus the option of wearing one of my Body Media Armbands (check it out which is an amazing tool for athletes.

    If this sounds like it might be what you are looking for feel free to give me a call and we will set up a location and time to meet!

    My number is: 573-587-8330

    A local reference for my work with high school athletes is: John Poovey (Loveland High Football coach)

    If you would like any others please let me know! I have also worked with numerous D-1 college athletes in Missouri and would be happy to get you a reference for that too. 


    Diana Duncan, MS, RD, CSSD

  • Hi Diana,

    Do you work with teen athletes? If so, I would love to talk to you.

    Thank you!

    Tracy R.


    Diana Duncan replied:

    Posted: 4/17/2013 10:18:15 AM

    Hi Tracy! Yes I have worked with teens. I am very active with the Loveland High football team, and have worked with some high school soccer girls.

    What is the general nature of your questions?

    I hope I can be of assistance!