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Dawn Blatner

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  • Hi Dawn.

    I am a cofounder of Prenovate, a Chicago-based digital health startup that promotes healthy eating for individuals with chronic diseases. I am currently looking for feedback to help in the development of our solution- a Food-Grading Engine (FGE). This FGE uses evidence-based guidelines from the USDA and CDC to score foods based on different disease profiles.

    This current solution is part of the larger Prenovate program which has a lot of synergy with dietitians. Here is a video illustrating the FGE:

    Please share your thoughts with me at


    Ayinde Arnett

  • Hi Dawn, 

    I was recently accepted into UIC's Nutrition program, and I am hoping to gain experience in Sports Dietetics this summer while living in Chicago. 

    I am wondering if you have any intern or shadowing opportuities available to students for the summer and if so, would you be interested in interviewing me for a position?

    Hope to hear from you soon! 



    Suzy Podleyon 

    Resident Assistant Student Residence Hall

    1933 West Polk Street

    SRH 501

    Chicago, IL 60612

     (724) 866-5879

    Dawn Blatner replied:

    Posted: 4/20/2012 3:43:07 PM

    Hey Suzy! Thanks for your email. Congratulations on getting accepted into UIC's nutrition program! How fabulous! I take interns but am currently booked for this summer. Please check back as you are going through your program. I usually do a presentation to UIC nutrition students so I'm sure our paths will cross soon... Dawn