Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition - A dietetic practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Wellness and Cardiovascular Health


Wellness/CV is a subunit of SCAN that focuses on cardiovascular and wellness nutrition by educating dietetics professionals and the public about wellness and cardiovascular health, providing resources and networking opportunities, and advancing the cardiovascular and wellness RD as a career specialty.


How to Join Wellness/CV

Wellness/CV membership is one of the many benefits open to all SCAN members at no additional charge. Communication with members occurs through the SCAN website including Forums, PULSE newsletter, Wellness/CV Connection e-newsletter, electronic mailing lists, and e-updates (via email).

Sign in to the Member’s area of the SCAN website. Click on My Profile. Scroll down to Membership Details, and click on the Edit button at the end of the section. Under "Subunits", check the box marked Wellness and Cardiovascular RDs (Wellness/CV). Click "Save".  While you are signed in, please go to the Wellness/CV subunit main page and join our electronic mailing list (EML), so you can keep in touch with others working in your area of interest!

Statement of Purpose

Wellness/CV is dedicated to promoting evidence-based nutrition practices in the areas of Cardiovascular and Wellness nutrition.  Members are experts in providing nutrition counseling and guidance in active lifestyles that are consistent with the science for achieving risk reduction from chronic disease, proactive health maintenance and optimal nutrient intake for a healthy lifestyle.


Fact Sheets

Created for use with the general public, patients, and clients. Some of the Fact Sheets are available for members only. You must be signed into the website to access them.

Fact sheets


Connection E-newsletter

The e-newsletter focuses on articles pertaining to Wellness and Cardiovascular health and nutrition trends. Quarterly emails with the newsletter link on our SCAN website will be sent to all SCAN members. Past issues are archived and available through the Members Only area:




Forums allows for communications with other SCAN members. There are separate forums for Cardiovascular Health and Wellness and Weight Management.



Electronic Mailing List (EML)

To join, Email and indicate that you want to join the Wellness & Cardiovascular Electronic Mailing List.  This list is where you can find SCAN RD's Favorite Foods list as well as give and recieve answers with SCAN Wellness/CV RD's.

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