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With more than 6,000 members, SCAN is the largest dietetic practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Our members are registered dietitian nutritionists (RDN) with nutrition expertise in the areas of:

  • Sports and Human Performance
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Wellness & Well being

SCAN is a dietetic practice group dedicated to nutrition for sports, human performance, cardiovascular health and wellness and well being. We hold to a set of essential believes that form the basis of our mission and vision and are manifested through the principles of excellence, integrity, and creditably that are evident in our endeavors. These beliefs are embodied in the relationship we build and maintain with our constituents as we fulfill our responsibility to them.

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Why Choose SCAN?

  • Scope: Reach professionals working in the fastest growing nutrition markets.
  • Collaboration: Our members are highly engaged with our sponsors’ and are seeking the latest science-based information about, products and programs and services.
  • Action: Our members are proactive, productive and forward thinking. Beyond experts in their areas of practice, our membership includes nationally and internationally recognized innovators, scientists, leaders and educators.
  • Numbers: Membership has grown faster than all other DPGs and we are the largest DPG in the Academy.

Work with Us
We invite organizations and companies whose business practices align with our mission and vision to work with us in a sponsorship capacity.

SCAN Mission
A world where all people perform to their potential powered by nutrition and physical activity.

SCAN Vision
Optimize health and human performance through the integration of nutrition with sports, physical activity, cardiovascular health, and well-being.

Our 2020-2021 prospectus offer many exciting opportunities for industry sponsors to reach our members.

Available Opportunities to Collaborate

  • 2021 Virtual Symposium
    • The Revolutionizing Sports Nutrition SCAN 2021 Virtual Symposium will inspire attendees to explore, challenge and discuss evidence-based nutrition research, science, practice and policy. Opportunities range from a [product spotlight, sponsored break, wellness activity, focus group and poster presentations. Customized options are also available! Learn more about the virtual symposium. 
  • Digital Evidence-Based Publications
    • Advertise within SCAN’s Pulse publications.
  • Webinar
    • Educational opportunities both live and self-study.
  • Eblast
    • Dedicated communications reaching SCAN members.
  • Educational Background
    • Evidence-based content available in a downloadable handout.
  • And more!

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